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Clinton here. Thanks for visiting comedy4cast, one of the breifest stops on the interwebs! That’s because comedy4cast is short-form comedy podcast. We welcome you in, give you some funny, then send you on your way.

comedy4cast began entertaining the Web in June of 2005. And, even though the Web never writes back, we keep going. The show has been nominated for Podcast Peer Awards, Parsec Awards, The Peoples Podcast Awards — and we’ve even won a few times! Yeah, I know. We demanded a recount, too.

The podcast is what I like to call “mostly work safe and kinda family friendly.” After all, who am I to judge your taste? But, really, that shirt with those shoes? I mean, are you serious?!

The show contains a rotating cast of characters. Sometimes you’ll hear from Danny Hillcrest, a movie reviewer that never actually goes to the movies. Or Derrick and Rory, two guys who ponder the universe — although we can’t confirm they are a part of it. Or Lenny Treetop, a podcaster who never seems to get things quite right. Maybe it will be an episode featuring me babbling on about this and that. Or maybe you’ll hear a guest voice, or two. We’ve featured some notable celebrities, such as Scott Johnson, Brian Ibbott, Paul Barrie, Dan Klass, Ricky Briganti, Grant Baccioco, Tom Merritt, Chuck Tomasi, Kreg Steppe, Christiana Ellis — oh, you get the idea! Whatever you hear, you can be sure it will be quick and funny. That’s the comedy4cast promise. Or is it a guarantee? Whichever is less legally binding.

I invite you to give the show a listen. And have fun!