comedy4cast #304: Give My Regrets to Broadway

comedy4cast episode 304

Clinton gives you some advice about traveling to New York City. And Spammy the Clown pays a visit to Magic Mirror to get today’s secret word.

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One thought on “comedy4cast #304: Give My Regrets to Broadway”

  1. Everyone knows that New York was named the Big Apple way back in the olden days when Johnny Appleseed left Massachusetts – The Big Cod – to travel to the upper mid-west – The Big Mistake – to plant Apple Tress for free!

    He was tired after all this good deed doing and went to New York for fun and frolics. He forgot that he still had pockets full of apple seeds and one night when he had a snout full of rye he spilled the all up and down Broadway.

    Because way back when the Great White Way was actually brown because of all the horse poop – the seeds grew into trees ten times faster than normal.

    Soon there were big apples falling from these super fertilized trees and clogging up the whole place. Edison had to invent the electric light so that they could see to pick up all the rotten apples in the street.

    The sticky white pulp that was left gave birth to the name Great White Way and as people would go sliding along they would remark – My how bright it is now but what happened to all those Big Apples.


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